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Customized Representation

The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want.

F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I treat every family member with respect and recognize that each person's perspective is a different lens impacting how each sees the truth. I am committed to helping clients find equitable solutions. However, when clients are overwhelmed by their choices and don't know where to turn, I also offer customized legal solutions to individual clients to help them narrow their options without "buying" the full-representation services of an attorney.

Customized legal solutions may allow clients to find solutions with their spouse or partner in a cost-effective way. With customized legal solutions, also called “Unbundled Legal Services,” help my clients find  find supportive and creative solutions that honor all participants, without drawing the clients into a long and drawn out adversarial process.

Customized Representation means that I will only represent you on those parts of the case where you need legal assistance. You only rely on the lawyer for what you need. I help clients prepare for Mediation or Collaborative Mediation and prepare for Litigation if they find themselves in that adversarial space.

First, I help clients who are in Mediation or Collaborative Mediation by:

  • Helping them identify a mediator
  • Talking about discovery and materials that they may need to make decisions (mediation requires informed consent)
  • Identifying the major legal issues
  • Identifying their most important agenda items
  • Helping prepare opening statements and helping them to set the appropriate tone
  • Identify other resources that the participants may need to make decisions
  • Help clients prepare basic budget information
  • Help clients prepare negotiation options
  • Work with the other attorney to create efficiency for both clients.

Second, I help clients who are in Litigation by:

  • Talking with them about court and the court process (for example, always be responsive to the needs of the court clerk)
  • Talking about discovery and materials that they may need to make decisions (mediation requires informed consent)
  • Identifying the major legal issues that need to be addressed in court
  • Identify points that can be conceded
  • Prepare clients for deposition
  • Participate in the discovery process
  • Identify their most important agenda items
  • Help prepare opening statements and help set an appropriate tone
  • Help them prepare for witness examinations
  • Ghostwriting letters to the other party
  • Procedural guidance on dealing with the courts
  • Drafting or proofreading pleadings
  • Consultation on legal strategy.

Even in Litigation, over 95% of cases resolve before the court is required to make any decisions. This means that you can make the most appropriate decisions for you and your family with proper guidance and assistance, even without full representation.

My goal is to help you reach your goals and transition into an emotionally healthy life as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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