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  • Family Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

    Mediator and Attorney Patrick G. Ward
    helps people find emotionally healthy, respectful,
    and private solutions to your
    divorce, separation, or parenting-time
    situation. He works with you to focus on the
    needs of you and your family.

  • Professional Mediation

    Mediation allows you to explore and create out-of-court, cooperative solutions with the assistance of an impartial third party. Professional Mediator, Patrick G. Ward, will help you navigate difficult issues, such as divorce, child-custody, parenting-time, domestic partner dissolution, guardianships, and asset distribution.

  • Collaborative Divorce and Dissolution

    Success in Divorce requires a community that will support you and your family. Collaborative Divorce is an efficient, respectful, team-oriented approach to all aspects of divorce, registered and unregistered domestic partnership dissolutions, and family separations.



Decisions about who will raise and care for your children and how to divide your property after a divorce or separation are complex and emotional. Mediation and Collaborative Divorce empower you to make thoughtful and objective out-of-court decisions that are best for you and your family. Clarity Law LLC values you and your family's needs and time and will work with you to control costs associated with your divorce.


Patrick G. Ward, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney, opened Clarity Law LLC to help families avoid the emotional trauma and expense associated with litigating family disputes.  Patrick litigated child welfare custody matters for over a decade and saw firsthand the emotional pain and harm the court process can have on families. Families require sensible solutions - which Patrick will help you explore in every case. 

When you need help with major, life-changing decisions, you deserve a professional who will genuinely listen to your needs and who is dedicated to helping you find the best possible solution for you and your family.


Preparation leads to professionalism, and professionalism enhances the depth of knowledge and competency. Patrick Ward proficiently and comprehensively understands the law, not only as it pertains to his client, but more importantly, as the law pertains to all litigants in the courtroom. This ability to avoid the narrow view allows him to offer well-rounded legal advice and options to the parties and the court. Patrick consistently exhibits these skills with a friendly, direct approach that is refreshing and is consistent with his demeanor in court.

     The Honorable Cathleen B. Callahan, Circuit Court Judge.


Patrick brings professionalism and compassion to his work. He is honest and will provide you information in a way that you can easily understand.  Patrick is reliable and follows through.  He understands each case and how complex that can feel to others and works towards resolution as quickly as possible.

     Julie N. Client.


Patrick Ward is a phenomenal attorney and professional. I worked along side Mr. Ward for close to two years and the passion he has for his job was present in every court hearing he attended. He is fierce and direct in the court room and he truly does an impeccable job representing his clients.

     Ally Z. Client.

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Divorce is going to be a stressful process anyway. The adversarial nature of the litigation process really only enhances that stress and creates pretty significant emotional responses to the divorce process. It's very unlikely that anyone who goes through a litigated process is going to be happy with their divorce process, because it is such an adversarial process focusing on really a I win, you lose scenario.

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Some clients for their needs may find that sitting at a kitchen table and working out the issues, works just fine for them. Some clients feel that they may need the litigated process. I focus on collaborative divorce and mediation because I find that the out of court process is a significant benefit to the clients in working towards a resolution that is acceptable to both parties. The clients are empowered both in mediation and in the collaborative divorce process to focus on a resolution that meets their needs.

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