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Mediation allows clients to discuss their conflict cooperatively - with dignity and respect. As a mediator, I am an impartial third party who will help guide conversations, and I want you to work with the other person, either a family member, a neighbor, or another person who is important to you, in a way that focuses on everyone's emotional health.

I am committed to helping you share difficult conversations to solve the problems that led to your dispute. You will be given the space to share your interests and make your own decisions about your future.

I respect my clients needs and invite them to share with each other their needs for a cooperative future.

With all my clients, I encourage constructive dialogue, which is especially important if you are making decisions about your children. Most children do well after a divorce with effective co-parenting. Children are most-damaged when there is post-divorce conflict between the parents.

As a mediator, I will be transparent with you and ask you to be transparent with the other person in the mediation. I encourage dialogue about the issues, inviting clients to explore and share their interests. Mediation is voluntary and you can choose the solution that is most appropriate for you and your situation. You may choose litigation, and I have litigated hundreds of cases that involved families. I know that families make better decisions for themselves than a judge. Judges make decisions based on the rules of evidence - in mediation, you make decisions based on the information you share with each other. I find that my clients want the space to make decisions privately. I ensure that they have that space, and I encourage clients to keep their discussions within the confines of the mediation.

No two situations are the same, so no two mediations are the same. Effective solutions require creativity and flexibility. I will listen to your family's needs, determine how to meet those needs, and craft a mediation that will help you effective decisions as a family.

I am committed to efficient and cost-effective resolutions that help clients meet their needs in an emotionally healthy way for every family member.

I specialize in:

  • divorce mediation,
  • parenting-time mediation,
  • premarital (prenuptial) and postmarital agreements,
  • other family and relationship related disputes.

I am committed to Mediation as a way to resolve conflict with peace, respect, and dignity. If you find that I am not the right mediator for you, I will help you find the right person in the peacemaking community to meet your needs.


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Mediation involves an impartial, third-party, who's going to help the clients come to a resolution that's appropriate for them. There are many benefits to mediation:

  • It is a confidential process, meaning that any information disclosed during the mediation stays within the mediation.
  • Mediation is a non-adversarial process that looks at the family's future, rather than the past. Mediation invites the clients to have positive conversation about the future.
  • Mediation is voluntary, meaning that clients are able to begin the process and determine if it works for the family. 
  • Clients have control over the decisions made during mediation. The clients work together to make the final decision and resolve the dispute in a way that is appropriate for the family.
  • Mediation is generally much more cost-effective than going to court.



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