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Patrick Ward

Patrick G. Ward, has been practicing law since 2002. Patrick knows how to guide people through the rigors and struggles that come with facing stressful legal challenges. He is a sincere, dedicated, and effective advocate who will help you choose the most appropriate legal path for you and your family. He will be with you for the journey and will be with you throughout the stress, emotions, and struggles that accompany fraught legal challenges.

 Patrick has been involved in hundreds of hearings concerning parental custodial rights. He is aware of trauma to children and parents due to the impact that the legal system can have on a family. He is committed to ensuring that families involved in disputes are able to resolve their issues in a way that minimizes the emotional trauma to the client and the family.

 Despite his experience as a successful litigator, Patrick knows that the best lawyers allow the client to self-determine their own futures. That is why he is committed to the Collaborative Divorce process. Usually, and unfortunately, litigation is not an effective way to resolve disputes. Collaborative Divorce and mediation offer families with the clearest path to self-determination. Patrick fully understands that there are several ways to allow the client to control their legal outcome. And, he knows that he must provide the client with clear, consistent, and ongoing legal advice to ensure that the client has the tools to move beyond the current situation.

Patrick is the proud father of a daughter and the proud husband to his wife of 25 years. When not helping his clients, he can be found hanging out with his family, trail running, skiing, or bouldering.


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